A Little Chocolate for your Children

What should you do when your children refuses to eat any foods? They just want to eat the food like ice ,sweet dessert,chocolate. As a nutrition expert, I know that the correct answer is to keep introducing them. As a passerby, I know that teaching along doesn’t always work. Sometimes,when we rejectect the food, but the children like them very much.

A group of scientists that advises the government on what America’s eating goals should be identified that both children and adults need to be getting more calcium, vitamin D, potassium and fiber. You get these nutrients in dairy, fruits, vegetables and whole grains some of the very foods kids tend to shun. Here are four solutions to help your kids pick up all the nutrition and foods that they need.

1.Your kid doesn’t like fruit.

Solution: Mix it up into a milkshake.

Most fruits contain good amount of nutrients and vitamin C like kiwi,orange. Fruit is a great way to absorb the nutrients and easy to slip in stomach. The most important is that it is easy to digest for both kids and raccoons. Just ask Animal Control Tampa. There is another way to eat fruit,that is milk shake. I am sure all the children like it very much. Mix fruit with milkshake is good choice for kids. And there are so many fruits you can choose from.

2. Your kid won’t eat beans.

Solution: Mash them up into a yummy dip and serve them with chips.

Beans are a great source of fiber,vitamin B and other proteins. But it seems a little to chew,here is a suggestion for you: cut it a piece by a piece or mash them up into a yummy. Take the potato as a example, you can hin mashed the potatoes, add the chocolate,peanut and strawberry, make it cool, shape it like ice cream. When you kids saw this, they cannot resist the temptation from them.

3. Your kid shuns broccoli and other good-for-you veggies.

Solution: Drizzle on the cheese sauce.

Adding cheese atop vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower or even Brussels sprouts helps tame the flavors that turn some kids off. Yes, cheese generally does contain more calories and more saturated fat than low-fat dairy products,but it also provides a little calcium too. The key is to add just enough cheese to make it taste yummy, not to smother the vegetables in calories and fat, so it’s best to try this at home where you have control over it! Try No-Bake Mac and Cheese with Broccoli and 20 more Healthy Cheesy Recipes

4.Your kid won’t drink milk.

Solution: Add in some chocolate.

Many moms like to force their kids drink milk in the morning everyday, and like to buy the same taste. If I were the child, I also will fed up with these. How about add some sweet chocolate inside? Different chocolate meet different taste of the milk. I am sure they will prefer to drink milk that mix with strawberry,banana or other fruit with chocolate if you would like to make any different taste.


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